Treasure Isle: Major change makes gems giftable by all

Treasure Isle gems
Treasure Isle gems

If you're a dedicated player of Treasure Isle, you know that there is nothing more frustrating than being short a particular gem color that you need to progress. Typically, you get gems by collecting from your gem tree, your friend's gem trees, and being gifted the gems. However, you are assigned a gem color which means that you often have a plethora of one gem and very little of the others. You have to get lucky by having friends who have enough of the gems you need.

Now, Treasure Isle has made it so that everyone can gift all colors of gems. On your gift page, you'll now notice that all the four different colors are giftable. This is a huge change to the game, because it will make it drastically easier to get the gems that you need to unlock particular gates.

In addition, all of the parts for the new buildable pirate ship are currently available to gift by everyone as well. Those of you who have been struggling to finish your pirate ship should be able to build it much easier now.

What do you think of these new changes? We're a fan!