Ride the waves in YoVille with the Surfing Photo Booth

YoVille Surfing Photo Booth
YoVille Surfing Photo Booth

In one of the more strange releases we have seen in awhile, Zynga has launched a new Surfing Photo Booth in YoVille that lets players put their avatars in a surfing scene and take a snapshot. The new photo booth is available in the Furniture Store for 12 YoCash, and once placed in your home it can be used by any visitors who happen to stop by. If you don't have the spare YoCash, you can always visit one of your neighbors and use theirs.

To use a Surfing Photo Booth, click on the booth in either your home or a friend's home. Once you click it, you'll see your avatar on a surfing background and can pose yourself and take a screenshot. After you take a screenshot, you can share it on your wall. You also earn a little bit of coins for putting a surfing photo on your wall.

While it's clear that this feature is strictly to drive players to post on their wall to bring potential new players to YoVille, it's still a neat feature. Seeing your YoVille avatar in a surfing scene is quite cute and comical. Unfortunately, 12 YoCash isn't cheap - but perhaps a friend of yours will have a photo booth you can borrow!

(Source: YoVille Official Blog)