New FarmVille FaceBook Newsfeed Scam

farmville scam
There is another new FarmVille Facebook newsfeed sharing scam.

You may see these scam posts on your Facebook wall. They appear to be legitimate FarmVille shares of Crafting Building samples and goods, but if you notice the word "FarmVille" (as it is usually written on legitimate FarmVille shares) appears as "farmville" in lowercase letters.

You may want to avoid clicking these fake shares.
farmville scam
From FarmVille Freak Rashmi:
"Dear all FarmVille Farmers, I believe there is BUG rounding the FB which publishes goods and bushels updates like the real FarmVille.. Check out for the fake spelling of "farmville" instead of the real "FarmVille" with capital F n V.

And also check the fake application id which is

The real application id is″ -FarmVille Freak Lashmi
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