How to Impress Your Boss the First Week on the New Job

how-to-impress-your-bossIt's human nature to be nervous during your first week at a new job. Everyone wants to impress the boss to prove that the right choice was made during the hiring process. Here are some things I've learned from my first job when it comes to impressing the boss.

1. Dress the part

Wear your best professional attire each day. You'd rather be told to "dress down" than come in looking too casual. In fact, I recommend continuing to wear your suit and best dress shoes for at least the first month, even if your boss says a more casual attire is acceptable.

2. Arrive early

If you walk in the office door right on time in the morning, consider yourself late. Arrive at work at least 15 minutes early to show that you are eager to work hard and get started.

3. Stay ahead of your deadline

Try to get your assignments done earlier than expected. It's well worth cutting your lunch break short in the beginning in order to make a great first impression.

4. Take initiative

Be analytic and add a more in-depth perspective to your work than your boss is expecting. Find a way to include additional research, bring up supplemental points or develop a fresh idea that could spark the interest of your boss!

5. Be respectful to everyone

Seems so commonsensical, doesn't it? Yet, I cannot tell you how many newcomers I see walk in the door and act like they own the place during their first week. Be pleasant, professional, respectful and simply NICE. You'd be surprised how far treating people with kindness will take you.

Follow these easy steps and you'll be sure to impress the boss the first week on the job.
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