Full Body Scanners Coming to New York Airports

Newark Liberty International Airport will be the first New York area airport to get full body scanners.

The screening devices will arrive at Newark next month, according to Transportation Security Administration spokeswoman Ann Davis.

Davis tells AOL Travel News that John F. Kennedy and LaGuardia international airports will also receive the scanners "in coming months."

There were reports, including in the Newark Star-Ledger, that all three New York airports would get the machines in September, but Davis says the TSA "is not committed" to that time frame.

Davis says each airport will get "multiple units" of the imaging technology, but declined to give exact numbers.

The controversial machines are currently installed at 43 airports around the country, at TSA security checkpoints.

The TSA says the technology allows for better security screening for non-metal weapons including explosives.

But there has been much discussion of whether taking full body images is a violation of personal privacy and whether the machines, which release a small amount of radiation, are safe from a health standpoint.

Passengers can elect to avoid the scanners by instead opting for a full body pat-down and screening with a standard metal detector.

The TSA said earlier this year it was deploying 450 scanners to airports around the country by the end of the year.

Davis says once they arrive the units can be up and running in days.

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Photo, Hunter-Desportes, flickr
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