Where is our FarmVille Underground Storage?

farmville underground storagefarmville underground storage
Where is our FarmVille Underground Storage?

You may remember from a past official FarmVille Podcast (dated May 21st 2010) that FarmVille Community Manager, Lexilicious, mentioned that farmers would soon be introduced to a new FarmVille storage system. This new Underground Storage would provide a new method of storing all of our FarmVille decorations and buildings.

According to Lexilicious, the Underground Storage would be:

  • Coming Soon
  • Available through coins or farm cash as Cellars.
  • You can store up to 200 items in the same size area (footprint) of one plot of land.
  • You will start out with a smaller number of slots and will need your friends to help grow crops for them.
  • These crops will give you energy to dig underground and increase the size of your cellars.
  • You will be allowed a maximum of 2 Cellars.
  • Having 2 Cellars will mean that you have a storage capacity of 400 items for your combined Cellars! All in the space of 2 plots.

FarmVille Underground Storage
Status: "Coming Soon"
Function: Store up to 200 items per Cellar
Cost: ?
Release Date: ?

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