FarmVille Garage: Everything you need to know

farmville garage completed garage

FarmVille rolled out a new storage building this week -- the Garage, which can be used to store and upgrade tractors harvesters and seeders.

If you are level 22 and up, you can buy a Garage Frame in the Market for 50,000 coins and get started on asking friends for the required building materials. Please note that the Garage will not store the bi-plane (boo) and you will only be able to have one garage on your farm at a time. farmville garage buildingsBuilding the Garage is very similar to building a Japanese Barn. To construct your Garage, you will need to collect 30 items total -- 10 Boards, 10 Bricks and 10 Nails. If you're like me and have been hoarding your extra materials from other construction projects, this should be a relatively painless exercise.

Once you have placed your Garage Frame, click on "Look Inside" from the Garage's menu. That will open a pop-up window which displays everything you need to complete the construction. As usual, you can collect building materials for the garage in three different ways:

1. Sent as Free Gifts from neighbors

Neighbors can send the materials needed to build your garage. One out of three components will be available at random on the Free Gifts page, so different people will have access to different materials. Once neighbors send materials, you will be able to accept them on your Facebook page.

farmville garages

2. Request Materials from Friends

When viewing the interior of your unfinished Garage Frame, each material that you have not yet received 10 of has an 'Ask For More' button, that when clicked will take you to the Friend Selector page where you can select friends to send Gift Requests to for items you need.

3. Buy Materials You Need

If you decide that you'd rather buy materials needed Garage, you can do so by clicking the "buy" button underneath the item in the Garage's menu. Alternatively, if you do not wish to buy the parts for the Garage individually, you can click the "Complete Now" button.

Once the garage is complete, it will look like this:
farmville completed garage

You completed garage will also hold up to 20 vehicles, and can be used to upgrade your farm vehicles. To upgrade a Vehicle, place it in your Garage and then 'Look Inside.' That will launch a pop-up window with a menu of all your stored tractors.

Upgrading your vehicles will increase the amount of plots they plow, seed or harvest (2x2, 3x3 etc). The higher level your vehicle is, the more plots it will affect. Right now, your vehicles will max out at level 4, though I can imagine this might be changed in the future as farms continue to get get bigger and bigger.

To upgrade vehicles, you'll need to collect vehicle parts, which can be done two ways:

1. Ask For More

When viewing the Garage menu, you will see an 'Ask For Parts' button. Click it and you'll be directed to the Friend Selector page where you can send friends gift requests for parts.

2. Buy using Farm Cash

If you don't want to bother with collecting vehicle parts, you have the option of purchasing them by clicking the "Buy Parts" button in the Garage's menu.

Once you have the required number of parts, you will see the following menu. From this menu you can select which Vehicle you would like use the parts for and level up.

famville tractor

Each Vehicle Level requires the following:
  • Level 1: 2 Parts
  • Level 2: 5 Parts
  • Level 3: 10 Parts (Must be level 26 or above)
  • Level 4: 15 Parts (Must be level 26 or above)

Once you complete a level on your Vehicle, you will receive a pop-up that will allow you to post a feed to your wall. The first 10 Neighbors who click on this feed will receive one Vehicle Part.

All Vehicles that are stored in your Garage can still be used as normal. Right now, you may only have one garage on your farm and biplanes cannot be stored in them.

[Via FarmVille Official Forums]


Image of a FarmVille Garage frame courtesy of Sinestra and Sharon! Thanks!

UPDATE (8/8): When the garage rolls out to your farm, you will receive the following pop-up message:

farmville you've got garage message

Click 'OK' and that will take you directly to the Market, were you can buy your garage frame for 50,000 coins. Buy the market and then place it on your farm, which, fortunately won't require too much space -- just 2x2. It's actually quite tiny compared to Nursery or the space-hogging Botanical Garden.

Once it's placed on your farm, you can start asking for materials and then it all plays out as described by the top part of this article.

farmville garage in the market
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Do you have the FarmVille Garage yet? What do you think so far? Leave a note in the comments below.

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