Cosmetic perjury: Botox bandits on the rise, hurting industry

You've heard of dine and dash. But Botox and bail? That's what some people are doing in this tough economy -- going in for popular cosmetic procedures like Botox and then failing to pay the bill. Surgeons from California to Conneticut told WalletPop that they've noticed an uptick in these types of clients since 2009.

Dr. Anthony Youn, a board certified plastic surgeon based in Michigan, said a woman in her 50s came in for the first time last month for some Botox. When it came time for him to cash the personal check she used to pay for the injections, it bounced.

"When we contacted her, she claimed that her checking account was hijacked and shut down by the bank," he said. "Subsequent calls [requesting payment] via a credit card or other method have been unreturned. We are now seeking legal means to pay the $350 tab."