Ace of Space: 4 Winter Wardrobe Solutions

ace of space, poetas, Flickr, coats
ace of space, poetas, Flickr, coats

The summer heat is still on, but before you know it the winter cold will be here. So this is the perfect time of year to organize and weed out your winter wardrobe. After you've purged your closet, you should have more space to hang your clothing. But if you're like most apartment dwellers you might need a little extra space for big bulky items like sweaters and coats.

Let's take a look at a few free-standing storage solutions.

1. Storage cubes

Harri Koskinen's beautifully designed birch storage cubes would be perfect in my apartment. But they are quite expensive and aren't very feasible for those of us on a budget. However, the IKEA Molger series has a number of cool bench and storage stools that are inexpensive.

2. Vintage luggage or suitcases

Incorporating vintage luggage or suitcases into freestanding storage units is one way to store seasonal items like gloves, sweaters, and coats.