The Right Moving Supplies for a Smooth Move

packing materials for a move
packing materials for a move

Keats Myer decided that in order to save money when she moved her family from New Jersey to New Hampshire, she would do as much of the packing herself as she could. And if an item was coming with her, she explains, it wasn't going to break. Her moving supply of choice: bubble wrap.
"I had tons of it," she says. "I packed all my glassware, all my vases and photos. And nothing broke."

Eric Fierst, director of operations for Fry-Wagner Moving and Storage in St. Louis, agrees that bubble wrap does the trick -- although "tons" might be overkill, he says. Professional packers choose moving supplies carefully. The right supplies can save you money, protect your belongings and make packing and unpacking easier.

Fierst offers these tips from the pros for choosing and using moving supplies.