Marketing Internship Job Description

Every company relies on the marketing team to research their target demographic so that their products never fall out of touch with their consumers.

A mix of psychology, communication and creativity, marketing experience will give any student or professional a good chance to see how a business operates. Marketing internships will give you all of this and more, since many marketing teams rely heavily on their interns to help with research and development.

If you're interested in the marketing field and believe an internship will give you a real taste of what the industry is like, here's what you can expect to learn from your experience:

Basic marketing strategies

Even if as an intern you end up working on smaller projects, the team will teach you basic strategies that they believe in so that you fully understand the end goal of the company.

Target demographics

While some companies may have obvious target demographics, the different types of consumers that a company is trying to reach may be surprising. For instance, a morning news show may be targeting empty-nesters. Learning how target demographics are determined is a major stepping stone of marketing and will help you better pitch ideas to potential employers in the future.

Latest technologies

An internship will give you more hands-on experience with the latest technologies than a college classroom ever will. The best thing about internships is that oftentimes it is the interns who are used to test out any new technologies, especially if it involves social media, giving interns key experience with new tech.

Research and development

A lot of research goes into marketing, and often interns are relied on to put all of the companies' latest findings together so that the results are organized for the team. The tasks may be tedious, but you can learn a lot about how companies develop an idea from start to finish.


Every internship involves networking, but in marketing there is so much team work that you are bound to get to know everyone in the department. From researchers to graphic designers, you will most likely come in contact with many key people in the company.

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