Mafia Wars Vegas fun facts: 100 million robberies, 250 million fights

mafia wars by the numbers
mafia wars by the numbers

Mafia Wars Vegas has arrived (as if you didn't know already), and as far as I'm concerned, this is the best expansion yet. The jobs have been broken down into new energy and fighting paths, which does a good job catering to different types of players. Properties have been replaced with a Casino that you can build out with help from friends, new boss battles are tough and requires you to think more strategically, and the new Fight Club Tournaments aren't so bad either (except for the fact that I keep getting KO'd in the first round). Sure, it's annoying that I never seem to have enough cash to buy items required for jobs, and that I keep getting killed by bosses -- but no one ever said running a mafia would be easy. And who wants it to be?

But, I digress. Zynga released some numbers for Mafia Wars Vegas, while pimping out the fact that they plan to blow up an armored truck once 10 million people visit the next expansion. The game still has a ways to go, but it looks like the 3 million or so players trying to take over Sin City have been very busy:

- 3 million people have visited Mafia Wars: Las Vegas since launch

- 7 million Vegas gifts are been sent every day

- 8.5 million casino properties have been upgraded

- 1.5 billion jobs have been done in Vegas:

- 250 million fights haven taken place in Vegas

- 100 million buildings have been robbed

- 80 million tournament fights have taken place