How to Turn a Stinky Apartment Into a Fresh-Smelling Home

The only thing worse than hot, sticky weather is a hot, stinky apartment. Instead of suffering through – or haphazardly covering up – the smells emanating from your kitchen garbage can, why not take the experts' advice? Below, we divulge everything you need to know to keep your apartment smelling fresh and clean as the dog days of this sweaty season approach.
According to Yahoo Shine, "the only way to remove a smell is to remove the source." Obvious as this tip may seem, too many of us skip this step, instead choosing the supposedly quick fix: dousing the room in air freshener. It doesn't work, says Yahoo Shine. This post explains how to deal with seven specific unappealing scents that tend to surface in our apartments, including rotten eggs and decaying animals.

Love to cook? If so, your apartment might be suffering the consequences in the form of unappetizing greasy odors. This Chowhound thread addresses the issue, and includes a few great suggestions for combating food odors, including air purifiers, thoroughly cleaning the oven fan, and having curtains and other fabrics professionally cleaned.

How to Clean Stuff has even more advice for ridding your apartment of cooking smells. Heating and simmering a simple formula of vinegar, water and citrus peels, can neutralize lingering odors from last night's dinner.

In a similar vein, Life Hacker suggests concocting your own air freshener: "clove oil, lemon extract, peppermint or vanilla extract" will do nicely. Allow a cotton ball to soak in the oil or extract, and then place it inside a plastic bag, which can be left in the offending room or space. Life Hacker also discusses using tea bags and citrus peels.

Finally, heed our own Apartment Guru's advice on dealing with an oft-cited concern among urban dwellers: the wafting stench of the building's garbage. In addition to requesting airtight trash receptacles, you can ask your landlord to look into city compost collections. Additionally, if necessary, consider talking with your neighbors about "depositing their trash into rather than near the receptacles."

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