Federal government increases grants for disabled

On the 20th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Obama administration has announced $2.25 billion in federal grants to help disabled Americans move from hospitals and nursing centers back into their own homes. This money is granted as part of the recently passed health care reform bill.

The grants for disabled and many others are issued to organizations that aim to make life easier for disabled people. Federalgrantswire.com lists 95 such grants, including:

Books for the blind and physically handicapped: This grant for disabled provides library services to handicapped residents of the United States as well as American's living outside the country.
Community technology centers: This grant for disabled is provided to promote the use of technology in education through the development of model programs that demonstrate the educational effectiveness of technology in urban and rural areas and economically distressed communities.

Special education technology and media services for individuals with disabilities : The goal of this grant is to promote the development of technology that will enable students to better learn in a classroom setting.

Rehabilitation services vocational rehabilitation grants to states: This grant for disabled assists states in operating programs for vocational rehabilitation and provide vocational services to disabled people.

While such grant opportunities help to make great strides in the treatment of the disabled, economic stability and handicapped access are still weighty issues. In California alone, at least 70% of handicapped people are unemployed. Blindness, deafness, and wheelchair use are issues in unemployment but then can be overcome with proper amenities, education, and training. Grants for disabled, most especially education grants, can help to bridge the gap.

According to College Scholarships.org , there are a number of colleges and universities that seek out and provide grants for disabled students. Some of these are George Mason University, George Washington University, Western Michigan University, and Gallaudet University. You don't have to attend one of these colleges, however, to take advantage of disabled scholarship opportunities.

Some of the grant opportunities listed are from organizations like the National Federation for the Blind, The Jewish Guild for the Blind, and the National Association for the Deaf. In addition, The Ethel Louise Armstrong Foundation gives grants to disabled female students working on graduate studies and to encourage minority women to overcome multiple challenges.

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