Call Facebook friends free with the Vonage Mobile App

Vonage has just made staying in touch with your Facebook friends easier and cheaper thanks to the new Vonage Mobile application for Facebook, which allows Facebook friends to call each other free on the Apple iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and Android devices.

The new Vonage Mobile app for Facebook is free to use and does not require a Vonage subscription by either party. The app allows you to make calls over 3G, 4G and wifi Networks so anywhere you have a signal you can make a free call to a Facebook friend. Since the app can run in the background of Android devices and Apple iPhones running the newest iOS 4 users can leave the Vonage app running and receive calls like they normally would, but without using any of their minutes.

When calling a friend, you will see their Facebook profile picture and their most recent status so you have an idea of what they are up to.

To use the Vonage Mobile app for Facebook on your device you just need to install it from iTunes or the Android Market and sign into it with your Facebook account. The app will display a list of your friends and let you know who you can call by placing a "V" logo next to their name. If your friends don't have the app you can chat with them and invite them to use it or you can visit to invite more than one friend at a time.

Here is a demo of the Vonage Mobile app for Facebook:

Like other mobile calling apps such as Skype or Fring, the Vonage Mobile for Facebook app looks like a good way to save your cell phone minutes; but be sure to keep an eye on your data use if you have a limited iPhone data plan.

To download the app, click here to open iTunes, or search the Android Market for Vonage Mobile app for Facebook.

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