Cafe World: Get hundreds of free VIP Salads from Facegamer's gift links

Cafe World V.I.P. Salad
Cafe World V.I.P. Salad

Today, Jacqueline Simon on Facegamer explained that every Cafe World player is allowed a certain number of "free-floating" gifts per day.

Free-floaters are gifts that you can get even though they've been sent by nobody, like the stuff that you click on a Facebook Wall or a Feed. Jacqueline explains this by claiming that "Zynga uses them as padding to honor a gift that would have otherwise been rejected by the system."

However this works, it's safe to say that Jacqueline has created a way for players to grab their maximum allotment of V.I.P. Salads that Zynga will let us take. The V.I.P. Salad (see image on the right) is dish that occasionally shows up on the Gifts page. They come in bunches of 35 and sell for 99 Coins per serving. Jacqueline has gathered 12 gift links, which she calls "Overloads".

Theoretically, clicking on her "Overloads" can get you more than 800 servings of VIP Salads!