Stylish Ceiling Fans Bring Cool Design and Energy Savings to Apartments

Ceiling fans are stylish additions that can lower your energy costs. There's at least another month of steamy temperatures left to withstand. But even if you already own an air conditioner, a ceiling fan still could be a worthwhile investment.

According to some experts, installing ceiling fans can cut energy costs. They also can make surprisingly stylish additions to rooms in your apartment.

Read on to learn about different styles of ceiling fans, and what to know before you buy.

A/C and heat supplement

Real Simple blogger Kristin Appenbrink reveals why she's considering investing in a ceiling fan: "They help cool in the summer, warm in the winter ... and they help prevent stale air," a common complaint among apartment dwellers lacking central air or heating systems. Appenbrink is considering the "unobtrusive" Britton Ceiling Fan by Savoy House, which has an attached light fixture.

When the weather cools, simply change the direction of your ceiling fan to clockwise; this setting will push warm air down from the ceiling and force cool air up from the floor.

Ceiling fan style

For advice on which size ceiling fan to purchase, including information about the best brands, various noise levels and which direction your ceiling fan should turn, consider this Apartment Therapy post your complete guide. Additionally, photos of some seriously chic ceiling fans are featured.

Design Sponge also weighed in on the most sleek, sophisticated and innovative-looking ceiling fans -- fair warning, however, that the selection of metal, wood and mod-plastic ceiling fans is not cheap. For less expensive options, Design Sponge suggests perusing the offerings on eBay, Craigslist and, as well as scouring local flea markets and yard sales.

Still not convinced that a ceiling fan can look anything other than boring? Check out design blog Maddie's Nest. In a recent post, blogger Susie Isaac points out the standout ceiling fans featured in Glamour magazine editor Suze Yalof Schwartz's New York City apartment. The fans feature "drum shades," which come in various custom linens, and add something special to each room.

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