Five Career Paths that are Most Likely to Offer a Paid Internship

paid-internshipInternships offer an invaluable experience and endless networking opportunities, but sometimes students can't afford to work for free. Luckily, there are also paid internships that allow you to keep your wallet heavy while you try to start your career.

Paid internships are hard to find because they're the most sought after programs for students and young professionals. Even though paid internships may not seem like a possibility, some industries are more likely than others to offer paid opportunities to students. In fact, the government is pushing all companies to follow suit with the industries below, who are known to offer paid internships.

If you want real world experience without having to drain your bank account in the process, check out these industries that are likely to offer paid internships to students who want to get a head start in their career:

1. Medical

In the medical field, paid internships are important because of how risky some of the experience may be. Interns may not be able to work with patients, but with access to confidential files and being placed in risky situations, internships in this industry usually offer some sort of compensation.

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2. Technology

With strict laws prohibiting unpaid internships to have interns do any work that the company can make a profit off of, technology programs often offer paid programs because students can only learn through a hands-on experience.

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3. Advertising

Similar to technology internships, advertising is such a hands-on field that many firms are forced to pay their interns since the students may be working on profitable projects. Paid advertising internships also mean that the intern can walk away with a good start to their portfolio.

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4. Accounting

When students step foot into an accounting internship, they will be introduced to a host of corporate experience and career advice through large, structured programs. Since accounting internships at some of the most sought-after companies are hard to get, interns are compensated in exchanged for the rigorous internship they are to endure.

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5. Business

Students with an interest in business should have no trouble finding both paid and unpaid internships. Paid internships are often more structured and allow the students to present their own business models to someone in the company for review. These internship programs also are designed to find the company's new group of new hires.

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