Milo in-stock alerts help you find best deals on hard-to-get local products

For people who like to shop locally, whether to support the local economy or avoid waiting, offers the best way to find out which local stores have the items you want. Up until today though, if the item wasn't in stock you had to keep checking, but just launched the in-stock alerts -- which will send you an email as soon as a local store has merchandise in stock.

In a phone interview with WalletPop, Milo CEO and founder Jack Abraham explained that the in stock alert isn't just for finding a specific item, such as the Apple iPad 64GB 3G + WiFi, but also about finding variations of a product that you need, such as a size of clothing or a pair of shoes in your size and color. in-stock alerts are free to use and there is no signup necessary. To get an alert, just search for a product near you and if it isn't in stock you can enter your email to be notified when it arrives. Soon you will also be able to receive a text message alert, so even those without mobile email access will know the minute a local store has their item in stock. According to Abraham, Milo checks the stock of 3 million items at local stores every 10 minutes, which gives you an incredible edge for getting a hard to find item locally.

The in-stock alert joins's local price alert tool that allows you to set a target price for a specific item and receive an email when a local store has the item available at that price. What's more, will monitor local sales and prices at the stores it monitors stock. In all Milo tracks sale prices on more than 100,000 items. Essentially, if you know what you want, you can automate the deal-hunting process and receive an alert telling you what store to go to as soon as your desired item is on sale at your price and in stock.

In the near future users will be see iPhone and Android apps that will offer increased functionality over the current mobile version of, Abraham told WalletPop. When these apps launch this holiday season, one feature will offer the ability to use a coupon by pulling it up on the app. These coupon savings will also show up when you search so that you will be able to see the best price.
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