Kingdoms of Camelot maker Watercooler changes name, focus


What a difference four million players makes. It wasn't long ago that Watercooler, Inc. was, in its own words, "about serving the sports and media communities" with team-focused apps like Pittsburgh Steeler Fans. But that was before their Facebook game Kingdoms of Camelot became an unlikely hit on Facebook, attracting over four million monthly users since its launch last November.

So it's not that shocking that Watercooler has announced a new focus on "serving social gamers looking for deeper gameplay." The shift is reflected by a new name, Kabam, which COO Chris Carvalho tells Inside Social Games he thinks is more "impactful."

Carvalho told ISG he thinks the renamed company will look to succeed by filling a niche for more complicated games, like Kingdoms of Camelot, that the biggest developers don't seem interested in providing "I feel that we can be competitive with the top five industry players," he said. "We won't ever have the reach that they have - we're not focusing on the mass market titles ... But right now we feel there's a big opportunity with deeper games, and we don't feel anyone else is filling that." Yes, please!

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