Amazon magazine sale offers two years for the price of one

Parenting magazineAmazon is having a huge magazine sale with dozens of titles priced at one-year subscription rates -- but for a two year subscription. With past Amazon magazine sales, the prices have been good for renewals and gifts, in addition to new subscriptions. Offer expires Aug. 31, 2010.

Here are some of the magazines sale prices (2-year subscription):
Seventeen is $10
Esquire is $8
Parenting Early Years is $10
Marie Claire is $10
Redbook is $8
American Photo is $13
Hobby Farms is $15
Popular Science is $12
PlayStation: The Official Magazine is $18
Town & Country is $10
American Cowboy is $15

If the rate says "auto-renewal" that means at the end of the two-year subscription Amazon will automatically bill you at the current rate for another year-long subscription. Put a note in your calender 22 months in as a reminder to deal with this. Of course, if the mag tanks, you're out of luck. Buying a magazine supports WalletPop.
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