Lonely Planet Launches iPad Guidebooks

Lonely Planet's latest travel guide series is all about being interactive. The publisher this week launched e-books for the iPad for popular European destinations.

The e-books for Italy, Spain, France, Great Britain and Ireland each have more than 3,000 hyperlinks and imbedded points of interest.

They are being sold at Apple's iBook stores.

"The e-book in the iBook store was a new frontier for us which really creates a level of inner activity for a guide that has not previously existed," John Boris, Lonely Planet's executive vice president, tells Reuters. "We believe it is the most enhanced e-book out there for travel.

The first five e-books will be followed by interactive guides for Japan, Thailand and Australia.

The e-books sell for $14.99. Although designed for iPad, they can also be accessed on iPhone with 4.0 software.

Boris says he believes the e-books will reach a new group of people who might not have otherwise purchased a travel guide.

"This is the never ending quest to make the guide as perfect as possible and technology is a great enabler of that," he says.

Photo courtesy of Lonely Planet

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