Job ads lead to Scentura, a perfume deal that stinks: Investigation

For people across the country in search of a job, an ad promising a management job is awfully tempting. But what job-seekers might find on the other end is nothing close to what they thought they were going to find when the company is affiliated with Scentura -- a long-running multilevel marketing perfume operation with satellites nationwide.

Investigative reporter John Mattes has been dogging Scentura for a decade and, in his latest installment, shows how time has passed and little has changed. The Better Business Bureau in St. Louis a few months ago issued a warning about the local version of the operation.

Despite story after story and complaints from unhappy job-seekers from Florida to California, Scentura keeps advertising and people keep coming. What they typically are asked to do is get five family members or friends to spend $25 a bottle on five bottles of perfume, Mattes reports, and then are sent to the streets to hawk the products. Management it's not.

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Here's Mattes' latest Scentura story updated for Consumer Ally's readers. See how many Scentura offices he has been kicked out of.