Happy Pets Special Offers: Fantasia and Pink Clydesdale Unicorns

Happy Pets Special Offer of Fantasia Unicorn and Pink Clydesdale Unicorn
Happy Pets Pink Unicorn Special OfferUnicorns are serious business in Happy Pets. So far, all the Unicorns and special Horses in the game outsell and outprice even the new pet Dinosaurs. But some lucky players have gotten a special in-game offer, where they can buy a Fantasia Unicorn for 10 Facebook Credits ($1 USD), or a Pink Clydesdale Unicorn for 20 FB Credits ($2 USD), which are both big discounts.

How can you tell you're saving? Well, the latest Limited Edition horses has a horse very similar to the ones shown above -- the Purple Clydesdale Unicorn, which is being sold for 80 FB Credits ($8 USD). Also, for 18 FB Credits ($1.80) you can use a Color Dye to change your Fantasia or Pink Clydesdale Unicorn into a color you'd like. (I've got a Citrus Dalamatian, so I know you can change the color of premium cash pets.) To know if this offer is available to you, just look for the icon of the pink unicorn on the left-hand side of your game screen.
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