Happy Pets: New horses inspired by 'My Little Pony' enter the store

Happy Pets Horses, Unicorn, and Pegasus
Happy Pets PegazebraRight now, the Happy Pets topsellers for their third 'My Little Horse' set (which is definitely paying homage to Hasbro's My Little Pony), is the Cerulean Pegasus and Appaloosa Unicorn. Personally, my eyes are mesmerized by the Pegazebra, which, along with the first two horses mentioned, costs 70 Facebook Credits ($7 USD) each.

These eight new horses are all Limited Editions. The Lime Pinto Unicorn (70 FB Credits) has already sold out! What we've got left, aside from the three mentioned above, are the Purple Clydesdale Pegasus, Purple Clydesdale Unicorn, Psychedelic Pegasus, and Psychedelic Unicorn, which all cost 80 FB Credits ($8 USD).

All horses are breedable and the traits shown here -- Unicorn horns, wings, fancy manes and Clydesdale feet -- can be passed down to their offspring.

And just a reminder, but you'll need a Horse Stable before you're able to buy and keep horses. Read our Happy Pets: Horse Stable Guide for more info.
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