Cafe World's new decor takes diners to Transylvannia

Cafe World Vampire Vittles outdoors decorations
After last week's Twilight decor, Cafe World has headed outside with new outdoors restaurant decor. It still involves vampires, but it's more traditional, which is to say, totally Transylvannian!

The honor for most expensive item is tied at 60 Cafe Cash for Red Gothic Rooftop and Black Gothic Rooftop. These two are also the most extravagant, transforming your restaurant's roof into a castle that resembles an elegant Gothic cathedral. Premium item runners-up would be the Gothic Spire for 18, and the adorable Happy Vamp Diner Statue for 16 Cafe Cash.

Out of the 22 new decor pieces, 14 require Cafe Cash. If the game didn't make acquiring in-game premium money so simple and often, this would be a problem. Not requiring Cafe Cash, the priciest item is the Gothic Stained Glass in the outdoor Windows category, which costs a whopping 75,000 Coins for one.

You can get a glimpse of all the items in the graphic below.
Cafe World Vampire Outdoor Restaurant Decor
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