What's Hot on RentedSpaces This Week

From getting a new sofa into your apartment to getting your ex-lover out, we had good advice for everyone this week. See what else was hot on RentedSpaces:

Sofa: Fitting Into Small Space Takes Deft Touch
Don't let an uninformed decision leave you with a new sofa that totally overwhelms your rental. Do your homework and follow our tips to end up with the perfect couch for your space. Read more.

Washington, D.C. Interior Designer Learns to Think Small
Designer Zoe Feldman shares tips from her own small-space existence to show renters how to make the most of a less-than-large apartment. Read more.

When Living in Sin Goes to Hell
When your roommate is also your significant other, things can be complicated. When your roommate suddenly becomes your ex, it's a whole new ballgame. Check the rules when you read more.

Fire Prevention Tips Keep Renters Safe

Just because you don't own your home doesn't mean that a fire would be any less traumatic and inconvenient for you. Take a minute to read our tips on how to protect yourself. Read more.

Apartment Guru: Barking Dog Takes a Bite Out of a Good Night's Sleep
Living next door to four (count 'em: FOUR) yappy weiner dogs, this one hit close to home for me. See the Apartment Guru's solutions for inconsiderate canine neighbors. Read more.

Bogus Book Jackets Add Bookish Style
Get crafty to dress up your library or reading nook with this clever idea that uses reproduction book covers. No actual books were harmed in the making of this craft.Read more.

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