What's Hot on HousingWatch This Week

Berkeley California real estateIf you're shopping for a Florida property, a second home, or some Jersey-fied shwag, this is your week. Read on to see why, and to see what else was hot on HousingWatch this week.

1. Berkeley's Hot, Florida's Cold, Says New Real Estate Report
Berkeley Calif. is the hottest market in the country -- though you'll be left cold if you're buying, since you can expect to pay an average of almost 108% of asking price. Read more.

2. South Florida Speculators Outbid Average Homebuyers
Although foreclosed homes are turning over in South Florida, average homeowners are having a hard time beating deep-pocketed investors to the good deals. Will they be able to buy? Read more.

3. Homeowners Association Foreclosure Reversed for Texas Military Family
Finally, a happy ending to one of the many sad stories of active-duty military members losing their homes, while they're out fighting a war: a Dallas-area family got their house back. Read more.

4. Bankrupt "New Jersey Housewife" Auctions Off Mansion Contents
After racking up a staggering eight-figure debt, reality TV "star" Therese Giudice has filed for bankruptcy. Get a share of her goods at the Aug. 22 auction of her entire household. Read more.

5. Obama Considering Making It Harder to Buy a Home
The Obama administration is planning to roll out policy to support "sustainable homeownership," a common-sense strategy to encourage responsible lending and purchasing. Read more.

6. 5 Reasons to Buy a Second Home Now
Not only has the doom-and-gloom housing market taken a recent turn for the better, experts are now saying it's a great time to buy a second home. Get going! Read more.

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