Campus Federal Credit Union helps LSU students get financial footing

A recent survey by Capital One Bank revealed that "nearly half of all high school seniors polled say they are unsure or uncertain about their ability to manage their banking and personal finances." This is quite alarming considering the fact that they will likely be handling college and personal finances on their own in just a few short months. Pair this with the increased likelihood that students are vulnerable to unscrupulous credit card deals and identity theft, and it is clear that a high level of protection is greatly needed.

For this reason, most colleges have their own credit union, which offers credit cards to students at much lower interest rates, plus other services to help guide and protect students in their financial dealings. One such credit union for college students is Campus Federal Credit Union, which is available to students, alumni and employees of the Louisiana State University system, as well as their family members. Membership is also available to residents in areas of Baton Rouge, Shreveport, and New Orleans.
Probably the biggest benefit of Campus Federal Credit Union to students is the free student checking accounts. Students can get a fee-free checking account that is linked to their student ID cards, and provides free online checking and bill paying. There are numerous other free and non-free checking and savings options that students can enjoy.

Students can also finance their education through the Campus Federal Credit Union. The credit union has partnered with Sallie Mae to provide the Smart Option Student Loan, which is designed to help a student save money, build credit, and pay off their student loans quickly. This program allows students to finance the balance of their education that is not covered by financial aid and grants. Other student loans available to Louisiana State University students are continuing education and loans to finance three- and five-year residency programs.

Campus Federal Credit Union also has services that will help ease the student into the adult financial world. The credit union features personal computer financing, and small credit builder loans. Students may also receive their first Visa credit cards through Campus Federal Credit Union. Students retain their membership with Campus Federal Credit Union after graduation from LSU and can take advantage of business financing and other personal banking services.
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