Rare yellow lobster avoids boiling pot

A lobsterman caught a 1 in 30 million yellow lobster last week in Narragansett Bay's East Passage off the coast of Newport, R.I., and this one will be avoiding a steamy fate.

"I thought, holy cow, this is unusual," Denny Ingram told the Providence Journal. "No one else around here has ever seen anything like it either."

Lobster shells are generally either red, yellow and blue. Sometimes they appear green because of the mixture of these colors. The red becomes dominant, however, when they are cooked. Blue lobsters are also rare at around 1 in every 4 million.

Ingram says he plans to keep the yellow lobster on display at the fishermen's co-op at the State Pier in Newport.

The American lobster is ranked 3rd on the U.S. seafood export list, behind surimi and salmon.