Players protest Zynga's abrupt Street Racing shutdown

Apparently Zynga wasn't done shutting down games after bringing down the hammer on Roller Coaster Kingdom and Ponzi, Inc. last month. Today, Zynga's Street Racing leaves Facebook for that great social network in the sky.

Zynga is offering refunds for in-game purchases made in the last 90 days, much as it has for its other defunct games, plus a 100 Credit bonus for the inconvenience. But this hasn't pacified some of Street Racing players, over 100 of whom have signed an online petition begging for the game to be continued. "If they shut it down then i suggest people sue them for theft..!!" wrote one excitable poster. "i feel that i should just quit all these... whats the point when you are jsut [sic] gonna shut down the game after a few years anyway..." wrote another discouraged player.

Zynga initially announced the move two weeks ago with an image (above) suggesting that Street Racing fans try out Frontierville, a game that couldn't have much less in common with the street racing sim. That image was later replaced with a new image that removes the specific reference to Frontierville.

Street Racing's numbers have been flagging recently, and while its current player base of 400,000 monthly users isn't nothing, it's well short of the 3 million monthly players the game once claimed, and the tens of millions Zynga's biggest games enjoy.

[Via Develop]