PetVille: Meet and own the cast of Twilight Dusk

Twilight PetVille Bella vampire with Edward
Unlike earlier attempts by Facebook games doing Twilight themed releases, this one actually remembered to include Bella! Only here, instead of Isabella Marie "Bella" Swan, she's called Stella Fawn (28 Pet Cash). Look at her fangs and those red glowing eyes! One minute, she's a shy sweetie pie, and the next, "That's Mrs. Edward Cullen to you!"

A lot of PetVille's Twilight Dusk release is outdoor decor that can only be used in the yards, but there's still new clothes, walls and floor styles. Also, if you head to the game's Premium Showroom section, you can buy PetVille-styled versions of the Twilight Dusk characters for your pet's home. The following is the rest of the cast, not including Edward (or Petward Culven, as the game calls him) since he appeared before the weekend.
Twilight Jacob Black as PetVille Jacob Grey
Team Jacob, represent! Except, here, he's Jaycub Grey (31 Pet Cash) instead of Jacob Black. Like Petward, Jaycub comes in two versions -- Howling Jaycub Grey (35 Pet Cash) has him jump up to transform into a werewolf. If you prefer this more feisty version of Jacob, act quick, since he'll only be around for the next 6 days.
PetVille Twilight Dusk Alice Cullen and Rosalie Hale
Alice Cullen, the adopted sister of Edward in Twilight, has been renamed Allison Culven (costs 25 Pet Cash). And because she's a vampire with powers of prognostication (a.k.a. fortune-telling), her PetVille animation has her summoning a blue crystal ball out of thin air.

Another adopted sister of Edward is Rosalie Hale, who's been renamed Josalie Tail (costs 27 Pet Cash). In Twilight, Rosalie grew up with everyone telling her how beautiful she was, and she's always been mad at Edward for not being attracted to her. PetVille has chosen to represent this by having its version of Rosalie whip out her compact mirror to gaze at herself.

Now I know I said no more Edward, but this one screenshot was just too cute to pass up. Like the Howling Jaycub Grey, this version of Edward, called Petward Culven and the Apple (for 35 Pet Cash), is only available for the next 6 days. So grab him while you still can!
PetVille Twilight Dusk Edward Cullen
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