Marc Jacobs wants to Bang you in new Facebook adver-game

Remember those heady days before Farmville when Facebook users seems content to interact with each other via random verbs? You know -- Poking, Biting, throwing sheep, etc. Well fashion designer and frangrance-ier Marc Jacobs is trying to bring back those heady days with his new adver-game, "Bang, You're It."

As the name suggests, the virtual verb in question this time around is "Bang," which also happens to be the name of Jacob's new fragrance (coincidence? Probably not). After giving over loads of personal data to the game, you get to sift through pages of distorted black-and-white pictures of other players, deciding which ones you want to "bang" and which ones to skip (how naughty... if you're in 5th grade). There are bonus points for late-night and international banging, and real-life prizes like cologne and clothing will be given to random players.

The game deserves praise for a streamlined interface and loads of statistics to keep track of all the banging. That said, the game probably won't have much staying power for anyone who got their fill of Hot or Not back in 2001, when it was a new idea.
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