Grave mistakes led state to sue Illinois headstone company

Grave mistakes led state to sue Illinois headstone companyA Chicago-area gravestone company didn't fill its orders in a timely manner, and in some cases misspelled names of the deceased on tombstones, says a lawsuit filed by the Illinois Attorney General.

Larry A. Born and Marie Kanger-Born own Wulkan Monument Co. The attorney general's complaint alleges the company accepted payment for gravestones and followed through with installations, but also notes some consumers were told headstones were in place before they were installed.

In other cases, names on gravestones were misspelled, and when consumers complained, the company did not fix the errors and failed to issue refunds, the suit alleges.

The suit seeks consumer restitution, civil penalties and an injunction against the company from selling monuments in the future.

Consumer Ally's attempts to reach the company found its phone number disconnected.

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