FarmVille Crafting Buildings Video Guide: Channel Management

With the introduction of Crafting Buildings, some FarmVille Freaks are becoming quite the crafting entrepreneurs.

FarmVille Freak Wilfried shared with us a "Channel Management of Crafting Buildings" video guide. If you are a Crafting Building enthusiast, check out the detailed video below for some handy tips.

Says FarmVille Freak Wilfried,

Hi FarmGoddess,

I'm very interested in the economical part of FarmVille which is also the reason why I'm a big fan of the newly introduced Crafting Cottages. I analyzed the recipes of all the cottages and regarding the limitations like the number of storable bushels I came up with a strategy to keep the cottages working 24/7, leveling up quickly, managing the supply chain efficiently. I put together a video, 'Channel Management of Crafting Cottages inside FarmVille' about it and thought it may be interesting to share it with FarmVille Freak." – FarmVille Freak Wilfried

What are some tips with Crafting Buildings that you have found helpful for maximizing your profit or productivity?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.