Best vanilla ice cream? We scoop out the house brands

We're in August now people, the dog days of summer, typically the hottest month of the year. And to make matters worse, school starts up for many students in the next couple of weeks. Bummer circumstances all around.

So take the sizzling heat off with a little frozen treat. And one of our favorite flavors is a classic – good ole vanilla. Sampling vanilla ice cream is also a good way to gauge a brand's ice cream quality. If you can't get vanilla right, how good can Rocky Road or Cookies n' Cream be? But if you can find some great store brand ice cream and save money, well, that's an ice cream deal that will really make you scream.

Store Brand Scorecard sampled a national brand of vanilla ice cream and three store brand varieties, one each from a big box store, grocery store and mini market, to give you the inside scoop on the best vanilla ice cream for the right price. All products were purchased in the Chicago area on July 11th and are subject to change.