Apartment Guru: My Neighbor Thinks I'm a Terrorist!


Dear Apartment Guru,

My neighbors and I have been at odds for many years now. Recently things have taken a really bad turn. I had to call the police on them for a party they threw back in June that lasted well into the morning. And now, another neighbor recently told me that she was contacted by the authorities asking strange questions about me. This is going to sound crazy, but I think my neighbors reported me as a potential terrorist threat.

I am of Greek and Portuguese descent, so I could definitely pass, appearance-wise, as Middle Eastern. Not to mention the fact that I set off fireworks from our roof at the Fourth of July and I am pretty sure this neighbor got pictures of me working with the explosives. (At the time I thought it was strange that the woman was taking pictures of me, but there were so many people around, I didn't think too much of it.)

I am really scared and don't even know where to begin to try and unravel what they might have done. Where should I start? What should I do?

-- Totally Not Armed and Dangerous