'Sonny With a Chance' of buyers: Disney fashion goes from screen to store


Just in time for back-to-school shopping, tweens who admire the whimsical fashion sense of actress Demi Lovato on Disney's hit sitcom, "Sonny With a Chance," will be able to steal her style at Target stores nationwide and online starting August 1.

D-Signed is a new line of clothing and accessories created to riff on the main character's quirky closet. We have always admired what celebs wear on TV, now we can actually bring it home. Although it won't be exactly what Sonny wears, the pieces will be close. Wanna copy the way she layers a shrunken vest or boyfriend jacket over a long Tee? Something very similar will hang on store racks. It's like watching a fashion show with a plot. And although Sonny won't sport dangling price tags, items will carry a budget-friendly price, between $4.99 and $19.99.

Unlike most character-based fashion licensing agreements, the new collection forgoes obvious logos, show graphics and photos and concentrates on recreating the costumes for real life.

Target Spokesperson, Janna Fischer, told WalletPop the D-Signed collection, available exclusively at Target, will include everything from lace knit tops, embellished graphic Tees, and skinny pants in houndstooth check to military jackets, bold skirts with tulle and a charcoal-colored boyfriend jacket.

"Essentially," said Fischer, "it's all about layered style right now." True to its trendy roots, however, the first delivery will also feature military influences and important Fall 2010 silhouettes.

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