Wild Ones' Poison Cloud will kill you dead [video]

wild one poison cloud
Wild Ones' latest tool of death is by far the goriest one yet and the fans are absolutely loving it. And what weapon could cause such a hoopla? The new Poison Cloud.

I'll admit, I was just as skeptical when I heard about this new non-explosive weapon. I scoffed in the face of what appeared to be merely a drifting flatulence! What could a petty cloud of gas really do when opponents are packing nuclear warheads in their back pockets. Well my friends, I was proven wrong. Possibly even more dangerous than unlimited submarine warfare, the face-melting Poison Cloud does serious damage with style.

Continue reading to see it in action.

I'm pumped to see Playdom raising up the carnage levels to near Mortal Kombat levels. The effect also reminds us of the finale to Indiana Jones: Raiders of the Lost Ark.

However, with great power comes great amounts of virtual money. Just 20 Poison Clouds costs 297 Facebook Credits, so ultimately it's up to you to decide whether it's worth it or not.

But seriously, parents, you don't need to worry. I offer this disclaimer: it's harmless violent fun made just for kids and I'll admit I can get carried away exaggerating a little. I just can't help myself when there's poison gas burning the skin clean of the bones of enemy pets out on the battlefield!

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