The top 10 women in money

Elizabeth Warren. Suze Orman. Maria Shriver. Sheila Bair. These women -- and the remaining six on WalletPop's (unscientific) list of the TOP TEN WOMEN IN MONEY -- each make a difference in the financial well-being of millions of Americans.

And their guiding roles gain special importance now as we come out of the worst recession in decades and muddle through this tentative recovery, anxious for direction.

Sheila Bair, Chairman, FDIC
Mary Schapiro, Chairman, SEC


, the outspoken and decisive head of the FDIC (pictured left), is universally respected for being one of the few people to anticipate problems that led to the credit-market meltdown, which spread across the global financial system. And as Washington puts laws into place to prevent another financial crisis, she is cleaning up the mess -- along with Elizabeth Warren (see below), and SEC chair Mary Schapiro (pictured right), who's been at the forefront of financial regulation for 20 years, serving under four presidents before her appointment to the SEC. They also strive to avert a repeat crisis and shape the way the government will protect Main Street for the next generation. In a May cover story by Time Magazine, these three notables were dubbed the "New Sheriffs of Wall Street."