Forget Casual Fridays -- Let's Get Lazy!

friday-casualEvery Friday afternoon we all end up in the same slump, watching the clock as it slowly ticks to 3PM and debating whether coffee or a sugary snack will get us through the rest of the day.

If only the boss came into your cubicle and demanded that you stop working and spend the rest of the day at happy hour.

Sound too good to be true? Perhaps not.

A new workplace trend happening in Sydney, Australia, has workers leaving the office during this afternoon slump to spend the rest of their Friday throwing back beers with co-workers. Dubbed Lazy Fridays, this popular trend that is happening in the land Down Under is not surprisingly increasing productivity and office morale.

American Casual Fridays usually mean that instead of working in stuffy suit you can dress down with a pair of jeans and laid back shirt. But most American professionals will tell you that their office Casual Fridays don't come close to the Aussie Lazy Friday. Americans could learn a thing or two from our laid back mates.

Lazy Fridays have been a hit in Australia in the financial industry. Workers are staying later on other days, like Tuesday, in anticipation for leaving earlier on Friday. Employers are encouraging Lazy Fridays because it is their way of rewarding hard workers for all they have done during the week. It has many benefits including building staff relations, preventing staff turnovers and increasing productivity.

This isn't the first time Americans have heard about overseas employers offering a better work/life balance to their workers, with afternoon siestas being a great example of how foreign businesses maintain productivity.

Whether or not Lazy Fridays will replace Casual Fridays in America has yet to be discovered, but American businesses can certainly learn from practices like this happening overseas. Until then, American workers will still be humming, "it's 5 o'clock somewhere."

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