Forbes Scaling Back True/Slant Blogging Network

True/Slant, the blogging network that sought to match experienced writers with advertisers, will cease publishing new stories at the end of the month. Forbes Media acquired the site in May. A spokesperson for Forbes said that it will "remain live as an archive site," and that past posts will be accessible.

Forbes invested in True/Slant two years ago as it sought to expand its digital footprint. In May Forbes COO Tim Forbes told Peter Kafka of All Things Digital that his family's media company expected to continue True/Slant in some way. Now that way is clear.

Lewis Dvorkin, True/Slant's founder, joined Forbes as chief product officer. William Baldwin, the editor of Forbes magazine since 1999, Tuesday announced that he was taking a new job at the business magazine as a writer. His resignation followed the departure of Baldwin's co-editorPaul Maidment,

In a related development, the Washington Post's (WPO) Slate Group decided to pull the plug on The Big Money site. (This on top of the company's ongoing efforts to unload Newsweek.) The outlook for media properties remains cloudy as the economic recovery moves painfully slowly. Meanwhile, True/Slant writers are moving on. Ungerleider, for one, says he "plans to join some former True/Slanters at a new -- as of yet disclosed -- project" in September.