FarmVille rolls out new grab bag, plus more suggestive pop-ups

farmville friend welcome

FarmVille added a few tweaks to the game today, including more suggestion pop-ups. Lately, you may have noticed pop-ups reminding you to add a Facebook friend as a neighbor. Now there will be others that will, for instance, let you know if a neighbor started a co-op job and needs your help or something else along those lines.

farmville grab bags

OK, before you say "Uh, more pop-ups! Lame!" -- one you click on the pop-ups, you'll be able to send a grab bag to your neighbor. Takes away some of the sting of having to deal with more pop-ups -- right? At least a little? So far, items pulled from the grab bag include experience points (XP) and extra coins.

farmville grab bag

Did you get a special Grab Bag yet? What did you find inside?
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