FarmVille Limited Edition Hollyhocks Crop

farmville hollyhock
There is a new FarmVille limited edition New England themed Hollyhock crop for you to plant on your farm!
farmville hollyhock
farmville hollyhock
Hollyhocks will be available to level 39 farmers and above, the seeds can be purchased for 210 coins, take 18 hours to grow and yield 350 coins and 2 XP, with a profit of 125 coins after you subtract the 15 coin plowing cost.

There is limited Crop Mastery available for Hollyhocks. Crop Mastery will be available until August 12, 2010.

HollyHock Crop Mastery Levels:

  • Star Level 1: 500
  • Star Level 2: 1500
  • Star Level 3: 3,000
Hollyhocks are "biennial or short-lived perennial plants growing to 3.5 m tall, with broad, rounded, palmately lobed leaves and numerous flowers, pink or yellow in the wild species," they are very drought resistant and although live for a short time they will produce many descendants. (Source: Wikipedia)
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Will you grow Hollyhocks on your farm?
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