Debate! Gamezebo responds our Disney-Playdom Merger op-ed

Joel Brodie of Gamezebo - the debate is on.
Joel Brodie of Gamezebo - the debate is on. friend and Founder Joel Brodie responded to my Disney-Playdom merger op-ed, and he did not take kindly to my analysis. In fact, we disagreed on about 50% of it. Since I'm not one to take a challenge sitting down -- let the debate rage on!

The Facebook gaming phenomenon is about to get hotter.
I say Facebook gaming is about to get white hot, and Joel partially agrees. His says social gaming will go more mainstream (It's not mainstream now? 7-11 and FarmVille say hello.) and thinks Facebook's ownership of the platform will always pose an issue. I don't agree for two reasons:

- Facebook is already mainstream despite the fact there are not games built on big brands, like, say SpongeBob Squarepants.

- The old gray ladies of the portal days, Yahoo Games,, GameHouse (and may have something to say about distribution channels. A big site like these drive a ton of players to a portal-sponsored Facebook game, and that could be protection against Facebook's control. That means small Facebook game developers can try to gain eyeballs via the old channels, and bring a different kind of audience to the party. Now that's hot.