New Amazon Kindle starts at $139 in time for back to school


Amazon has just released a new Kindle that starts at $139, which is $10 less than the competing Barnes and Noble Nook. The new Amazon Kindle comes in two models; the Kindle WiFi for $139 and the Kindle 3G for $189. Both models are available to pre-order and will be released on August 27th just in time for the start of school.

The new Kindle, known simply as Kindle, doesn't just bring a lower price; it is also 21% smaller, 15% lighter and offers faster page turns and better contrast on a six -inch screen. The Kindle still uses E Ink technology like that found in previous models but offers double the storage (4GB) and a claimed battery life of 10 days with wireless on and a month without it.

In addition to the smaller frame and screen improvements, the new Kindle sports a revamped keyboard and directional pad and according to Engadget, a build quality that was, "slightly more polished than the previous version." The new Kindle also comes with an experimental web browser that allows you to browse the text portions of websites for free.

Alongside the new Kindle, Amazon is releasing a Kindle case with a built in light that runs off the Kindle's battery so that you can read at night without bothering a roommate.