Mafia Wars Vegas limited edition gifts arrive

mafia wars vegas limited edition gifts

While we were busy cracking heads and counting cards in Mafia Wars Vegas, the game has rolled out a handful of Sin City-themed limited edition gifts that you can send to the rest of your mafia for free.

mafia wars vegas free gifts

mafia wars vegas club owner, fat cat

The seven items include the following: Hardaway, Bix Six (weapons), Yo Eleven and Fat Cat (vehicles), Fear and Loathing (animal) and a martini-swilling Club Owner (bodyguard).

The Rack of Chips are, fortunately, also still available to send to your fellow mafiosos, and I'll argue that's one of the better gifts to send right now, since they can be turned into actual currency, along with casino building materials for those trying to turn their two-bit casinos into full-fledged gambling palaces.

What do you think of Mafia Wars Vegas so far? Is it better than the other cities? Drop a line in the comments below.
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