Low-Cost Home Security Solutions

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Thanks to her stint in the military, Mary F. was used to moving around. However, after settling down in Texas and enduring the unpleasant experience of having her home robbed, she decided that feeling like a sitting target was something she didn't want to get used to. "I knew I had to do something, but as a single mom of two young kids I wasn't sure I could afford home security, so I shopped around."

Mary shopped for a week before deciding on an option that satisfied her needs, from both security and budget standpoints.

According to the FBI's "Crime Clock" statistics from 2008, property crime happened once every 3.2 seconds in 2008, and a burglary happened every 14.2 seconds. While automated security systems are becoming more of a standard for new homes, many homeowners have to make smart choices when it comes to securing their houses the right way.

This guide reviews several simple home security methods available to protect your family and home from invasion. And peace of mind may come cheaper than you think.