Like, yeah! Like buttons help Facebook personalize the web

What do you like? That's the question Facebook and other websites ask, or will soon, every time you visit. In a quest to make it easier to share the things you like with your social network and to know everything you like on the web the Facebook Like button is now showing up on popular websites (like ours!).

The Facebook Like button is similar to the various sharing options which many websites and blogs already use to make it easier for users to share content that they enjoy, or like, with their friends.

You can see examples of this technology in this post where there is a button to share content on Twitter at the top left and many other options at the bottom. You'll also notice that WalletPop now has a Facebook Like button at the bottom of every post that allows you to share the page with your social network with one click.
If you click the Facebook Like button at the bottom of this post it will instantly create a link on your Facebook profile that shares the story with your friends. When your friends "Like" a story on WalletPop or one of the other websites that use the Facebook Like button you'll see it show up in the "News Feed" so that you'll always know what your friends enjoy reading. Go ahead and "Like" this post, we'll wait.
The Facebook Like button has also shown up on Yahoo Sports where users can "Like" any MLB team and it is also on many other websites such as Time Magazine. You can also "Like" products at online stores such as and restaurant reviews on

The Like Button and functionality has taken over the Facebook website joining the recent ability to "Like" comments on posts as well as Like Businesses, websites and organizations instead of becoming a "Fan".

From the Like button, Facebook hopes to gain insight into what its users like and more information as it attempts to grow and take on Google as the organizer of the web. Facebook hopes that the Like button will increase the amount of information people share in Facebook, allowing for a more humanized web experience. This type of insight into human behavior is where Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg sees the future of online search. Wired Magazine summarized Zuckerberg's vision as one in which, "users will query this 'social graph' to find a doctor, the best camera, or someone to hire-rather than tapping the cold mathematics of a Google."

Or, if you prefer, call it Virtual Word of Mouth.

With more users using Facebook every day and a growing trend towards trusting the opinions and advice of our online friends, the Like button is a powerful tool for Facebook and could be a part of the way you make your next decision.

And if you Like that, you know what to do next.
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