Google in talks with Zynga, Playfish/EA and Playdom

google vs facebook -- it's on!
google vs facebook -- it's on!

Following a big rumor that Google and Zynga will be working together in the future, there are new reports circulating that the Big G is in talks with Playfish/EA and Playdom as well to do, well, something with the Google Games offering that's expected later this year.

Even though Google Chief Exec Eric Schmidt denies anything about 'Google Me,' a social networking service comparable to Facebook ("the world doesn't need a copy of the same thing," he tells WSJ), the search giant is clearly making a move to get all of the big social gaming companies on board with Google Games. This rest is speculation (for now) but if Google Checkout enters the picture, and developers are charged a certain percentage to use the Google e-commerce system -- that would strike right at the heart of one of Facebook's big money makers.

Google higher ups can deny all they want -- but it's seems like they're sending a singular message to Facebook -- 'It's on!'

[Via Wall Street Journal]

Where would you rather play your social games? Google or Facebook?